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New immigrants relocating to a new country often need help, especially during their first few months.   Passage to Canada offers services to assist you in getting settled. Such as finding  House rental, Apartment rental, Schools, Resume Services and Job Search.  We will assist you and take the stress out of Settlement.

Job Search

Often, new immigrants, have a long and difficult time getting established in their chosen occupations. However, there are steps you can take to find meaningful work that is relevant to your experience and can contribute to building your career success.


Your Resume from your previous country will definitely need adjustment.  It is important to change your resume to reflect your skills and experience for the perfect job.  

Finding Your Home

 If you are not staying with your family,  finding a place to live will be one of your top priority when you land in Canada. Purchasing a House or Condominium might be out of reach in the early days, so you’ll probably start looking to find a good rental property. Renting an apartment or a house is a great way to get stable in Canada and this will assist you with adjustment to work, climate, culture, and other factors in a more relaxed environment.   However the best way to approach this is to educate yourself on your rights, your landlord’s obligations, rent, lease agreements.  Passage to Canada can help you navigate this process with team of experts.
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